About Us

MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL is one of the most innovative and dynamic language school in Sri Lanka. since 1997, Manchester International prides itself on offering quality programs designed to meet the varied needs of foreign Languages of our students. Our course content and teaching methods are based on the latest theories in teaching Foreign Languages to Sri Lankan speakers of other languages. A strong command of the foreign language is an invaluable tool in today’s international climate. Whether your ambition is to improve your conversational skills, attain a certain level of proficiency, prepare for a particular examination, gain entry into a university or college, or gain work experience, you will find a program at Manchester International.

Board of Directors
• P.M. Chandana Rajapakshe (LLB,BA,(Attorney-at- Law)
• Dr. P.M. Anuradha Niroshan (LLB,BA,MBA,Ph.D.,(Attorney-at- Law)

Why you should choose Manchester!

Great place to improve your language skills

Manchester language school is a place where you can improve your language skills, with realistic speaking activities and practical sessions, our teachers are all graduated speakers, using the best techniques and technologies.

Manchester Language School offers, full-time, part-time, group, and individual courses in IELTS, English, Korean Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish Russian, German, Italian, Tamil,

Simplify your language translation process with manchester language school! 

English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italy, Tamil, and Etc.

The MANCHESTER methodology of Teaching

MANCHESTER teaches you how to use a language in a proper way from the very beginning of the very first session.
The ability to use English in a variety of contexts involves multiple language skills and therefore testing the four skills enhances the accuracy of learning a language listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
Our Language Courses are consisting of:
• Small Groups
• Qualified Teachers
• 80% Practicing Time
• Functional Language
• More Grammar Lessons
• Standard Syllabus
• Monitoring Progress
• Fun and relaxed environment


We aim to be the best, to be the leading Education institute in Sri Lanka. Our objective is to work as a team in all aspects of education, to create a loving, caring and Peace full environment.


Our education structure is built on the tripod of a pupil; teacher and management nexus which helps produce students of a more mature outlook on life. As a successful institution our emphasis is on our hidden curriculum self- confidence, caring for other and leadership whilst training them in modern skills in order to be effective in tomorrow’s world.

MD Message

Manchester School of Languages’ long track record, since our establishment in 1997, does credit to the pioneering spirit of the school’s administration and academic staff. Envisioned to create a Private Educational Institution specialising in language training, MANCHESTER in Gampaha in Sri Lanka was founded with the commitment to best Quality, Professionalism and Creative Service.

Over the years, MANCHESTER School of Languages has become a trusted brand name in the industry and has helped thousands of students learn to communicate in many different languages..We are proud to see our former and current students crossing language barriers using their newly-acquired communication and language skills.

Our programmes are conducted in small, effective groups with not more than 30 students per class to facilitate optimal learning. In addition, our language teachers are carefully selected for their intellect, international outlook, and ability to teach effectively.

Welcome to MANCHESTER. And welcome to an unforgettable and truly enriching learning experience!

P.M.C. Rajapakshe (LL.B, B.A,( SRI LANKA)
MD- CEO/Director